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Name: fairywine
Nickname:Yuurei, Rei

Likes:Snark, books, art, shopping, reading, writing, anime, manga, napping, cute things, exploring new places, bath products, cooking, make-up, ramen, food.
Dislikes: Morons, close-minded/selfish people, waste, willful ignorance, bigotry, when the bus isn't on schedule, bad food, smooth jazz.
Strong points: Intelligent, witty, loyal, open-minded, generous.
Weaker points: Low tolerance for stupidity, lazy, something of a slob, stubborn, can hold a grudge for years when seriously provoked.
Hobbies & Talents:Speed reading, baking, massage, writing.

Favorite color:Purple
Favorite animal:Emperor penguin
Mature or Immature?:Mostly mature, although I think I'm pretty in touch with my inner child. At least, my inner child that hates cleaning my room. XD
Leader or Follower?:Leader, though I don't usually enjoy it. More like I'll do it if no one else will.
Hyper or Calm?:Calm. I'm waaaaaay too lazy to be hyper.

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Character and why?:Nrrrgh. If I absolutely had to chose, I'd say Archer, with Rin coming a very, very close second. The man is a sex god in tight black pants, and he has a sarcastic, snarky personality I can't help but adore. Fascinating inside and out, that's all I can say.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Pairing (if any) and why?:Archer x Rin with a bullet (or a traced Caladblog II XD). The bulk of my interest in F/SN rests with Sexy Team Red/Black, with their perfect combination of aesthetic appeal, smart, snarky personalities, and all-around electric chemistry. Think it's a coincidence that these two were in the top three for BOTH F/SN popularity contests(and Archer's a guy in an ero-game and he still beat out three women with H-scenes, i.e. Rider, Karen, and Sakura)? I think not, sirrah.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Noble Phantasm:Unlimited Blade Works. Coolest Noble Phantasm, period, and involves more strategy than your brainless "point and ki-blast" approach. *is blasted by Excalibur, Ea, Gae Bolg, etc.*

Anything else?:Why do I kind of want to get Black Saber? -___-;; Probably because she's so kickass and no one else has gotten her yet. Then again, this is coming from the proud owner of an I Wish I Could Hate You To Death t-shirt, so perhaps it isn't so off after all.

Pictures or say what you look like:
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Yours truly at the Tokidoki booth at San Diego Comic Con. I don't look all that great, but I had been walking around for hours at this point, so it's decent when you take that into consideration.
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