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Sorry everyone!

Well.. actually... the reason why i put of stamping some of the members was due to lack of votes.. but i figured just to stamp someone anyways since we allow you to contest for another stamp character if you don't like what you recieved. Plus, i always hated when it took forever to get stamped... but i hope you don't hate me ;o; love me.... <3

Added users~
fire_senshi OUR FIRST ARCHER!
moxiemegan OUR FIRST CASTER!
athenaltena OUR FIRST RIDER!
lunaticcrow OUR FIRST LANCER!
carbonicgirl as Rin
fujiwara_san as Saber

A lot of first this time in our stamping. I'd like to thank everyone that has remained active and kept voting <3 It really means a lot to me that you're keeping this community alive. If you know any friends or have any way to promote this community, PLEASE DO SO. The more the merrier <3

Thanks again folks, and sorry about the stamp delays!

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