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Noble Phantasm

Name: Penka
Nickname: hm... bakatashi
Age: 28
Height: 1'70

Likes:Anime and manga, angels, samurai, Star wars, Star trek, Lord of the rings, Queen, asian music, astronomy, heavy metal, jedi, magic, shinichiro miki, shogun, spirits, takehito koyasu, the three musketeers, tomokazu seki, sports /soccer, volleyball, martial arts - taekwon-do/. I adore books of Clifford Simak and Isaac Asimov. I like to read and watch movies when I have time.
Dislikes: Supidity, ignorance, being humiliated, drivellers, lies and liars and when someone talk about yourself /how great he is/, but he can prove it
Strong points: I'm strong-minded, open-minded, prudent, honest with sense of humour, loyal, protective, determined, quite diplomatic and I'm stubborn. I can keep secrets. I can resolve every problem and I can find answer for every question. According people I have ability to organize /people and things/ and I can make a way to put into practice someone’s idea or plan.If I do somenthing I do it to the end.
Weaker points:My stubborness time to time.Somethimes I get angry very easy and my temper is quite rush. I can't trust people until I know them. I can be cruel if someone provokes me or interfere in my personal space.
Hobbies & Talents:Singing in a choir and dancing /I study Bulgarian national dances/. I play soccer with boys when I have time.

Favorite color: Blue and dark purple
Favorite animal: Dog and eagle
Mature or Immature?: Now more mature then immature, but I can be one of these when needed and depends of situations- when I’m at work, I must be mature…But when I see my friends I can be immature /and even there I can be mature as well/.
Leader or Follower?: More leader then a follower.
Hyper or Calm?: Now I'm more calm, but I still have my hyper moments time to time.

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Character and why?: For the first time I don't know what to say..... But when I think -It's Archer, because ... I can't explain very well.It's stupid, but one of the things is that he calmes me every thime whe he apeared and second - because I never understand his real name.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Pairing (if any) and why?: What kind of pairing? If about Master/Survent my favourite is Rin/Archer. If man/man - Archer/Gilgamesh. If man/woman - Shirou/Saber. If woman/woman - Rin/Saber
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Noble Phantasm: Hmmmmm....I'm between Saber's and Archer's

Anything else?: Please vote me with a male character if possible. If not-females are fine too ^_^. Thanks.

Thanks for reading and voting.

Pictures or say what you look like:


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