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Noble Phantasm

Name: Caitlin
Nickname: Cait, Cait-chan, Kaykee, Hotaru
Age:  13
Height:  5'4"

Likes: Manga, Anime, SWIM TEAM, Ice Hockey, World History, Photography, Lamps, Oreos, Cheeze-its, Triganometry, Japanese Stuffs, Music
Dislikes: Mean peoples, whiners, complainers, having to hear things repeated, death, enviormentalists
Strong points: Phisical strength, mental strength, history, swimming
Weaker points: Following rules that I don't like, not telling someone about a problem, math
Hobbies & Talents: Swim Team, Photography, Piano

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Panther
Mature or Immature?: Depends. Mostly Mature for my age.
Leader or Follower?: Leader
Hyper or Calm?: Oi. This is about as bad as Mature and Immature. It's half and half.

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Character and why?: Not sure. Usually it would be Saber because she just rules, but I really like Rin, Rider, and Gilgamesh X3 Rin because she is so funny and smart, Rider because she's really mysterious, and Gilgamesh because he's just cool.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Pairing (if any) and why?: Shiro and Saber. It's so cute.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Noble Phantasm: Lancer's The Spear of Striking Death Flight

Anything else?: Nope. I don't think so.

Pictures or say what you look like: The only pics I have of myself are outdated. I have hazel eyes, shoulder length hair that's brown with fading red highlights. My skin is tanned which I hate so badly, but I can't help it because I'm on the swim team.
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