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Izuma Bakumatsu

Noble Phantasm

Name:Izuma Bakumatsu
Nickname:Izuma Bakumatsu, Collector, Gatherer

Likes:Knowledge, Fantasy, dragons, coffee, anime, manga, novels(except love theme), swords, investigation, forensics, science, writing, phrases, poems, blood, mecha, games, H-games(*cough* at least I don't watch H-movies. this is how I first met F/SN anyway) , vampires. myth, creation, legends, moon, Caffeine.
Dislikes:Cockroach, idiots who thinks thay're smart, arrogance that are unbased, trouble makers who don't know the limits of trouble making.
Strong points:Now this is hard, I guess it would be my Multi-minded mind, my quick-learning abilities, my weridness, my versatility, my ability to create something out of my mind, and my ability to bottle up emotions and my mask emotions I use sometimees so people don't mind me and trouble me so much.
Weaker points:Let's start with my laziness, my constant changing of emotions and especially ideas. Also my sometimes heartless, emotionless feeling, my sometimes wild and perverted imagination and my carelessness and my sudden hot-temper and my unstableness and my inconstancy. Hmm.. that's all I guess.
Hobbies & Talents:Hmm... I guess my hobbies are playing games, reading, Writing, Consuming every bit of knowledge I meet, Talking in my brain(which means thinking), and a few other things.Now let's see, talents are My multi-minded mind, my sewing techniques, my cooking and baking, my unending imaginations, the fact that the border between reality and fantasy is almost nill to me. Also my somewhat weird ability to bottle up emotions and wear a mask of any emotion that I need so that people don't bother and don't take notice of me. I'm also a quick learner, a somewhat nocturnal guy, and easy enough to be friends with. Oh, I'm also very adaptable and versatile, and make friends with electronic thing.

Favorite color:Any colour that is dark, Not Grey.
Favorite animal: Owls. Make it black feathered and big to make it better.
Mature or Immature?: Hmm.. Usually mature but can be immature sometimes.
Leader or Follower?: Somewhere in between. Can be both if the situation calls for it.
Hyper or Calm?:Somewhere in between. Can be both if the situation calls for it.

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Character and why?:Tie between Archer and Saber. Archer cause he's the calmest of the servants after Assasin. He has a fighting technique that suits me thich is using two short blade(in Archer's case, 2 falchions). He also can trace any weapon he wants as long as he has the material which is where Unlimited Bladeworks come in. As for Saber, She's the girl I've been looking for the past 11 years. She has a grace that is matched by no one, she takes the priority of her people first rather than herself, she is the most chibi-fied character in F/SN. She has everything I need for a partner. I just need to teach her how to cook and that's settled.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Pairing (if any) and why?: Sakura and Shirou. Thay just kinda look good together.
Favorite Fate/Stay Night Noble Phantasm: Tie between Unlimited Bladeworks,Avalon and Gate of Babylon. Hey, who could say no to a Perfect Battlefield, The Unbreakable Fortress and A Vault Of Every Weapon that was ever made including Ea, the sword that never even existed.

Anything else?: Don't think so.

Pictures or say what you look like:Hmm.. Black short haired and eyes. Has a big crescent scar on the right side of my left wrist and another crescent scar on the joint of my right shoulder. Spectacled and wearing it with the left side somewhat lower than the right. Light brown skin(not tanned). Well,just an Otaku Malaysian that looks Chinese and is usually mistaken for one.
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