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Noble Phantasm

Name: Dora Yap
Nickname: Hakusa, Haku-chan, Haku, Konkona.
Age: 15
Height: 162+?

Likes:I like cute stuff! I just loose myself sometime, and, even, I squeal! But, I try to keep my voice down, but I do squeal...^-^;. I love the cool weather, the clouds, skies and the wind, responsible people, understanding people, customizing whatever that's mine on the net, blogging!, making anything related to graphics, watching animes, reading mangas and fan fictions (I write them too), and I of course like nice animes, mangas, fan fictions, and illustrations~ I love to draw too. ^~^, having fun with friends, J-Pop, imagining wonderful stuff(getting good grades etc~), romance genre, sad and melancholy theme. Oh, and I like cool anime characters. Cute ones are also counted~

Dislikes: irresponsible people, wasps, insects, raisins, being in a moody mood, a sudden disruption in my plans (outing plan, usually, plans where I've made so that everyone has fun, etc). Animes with fillers, anime and mangas with not-so-eventful endings.

Strong points: I know how to handle situations where people would usually freak out(I think), I think a lot, I smile a lot...

Weaker points: I am totally shy, and when I am shy, there're a lot of things I am shy to do.... I tend to be a klutz at times. I am sometimes over-confident in myself, and I am some times too low in confidence...X_X, I always compare myself to people and always think I am lower (in anything, but not everything)

Hobbies & Talents:
Talents: drawing and writing? (I am not really sure). The power to think deep? (hahahaha), oh, and I am fast to forgive~
Hobbies: watching animes, reading mangas and fan fictions (writing them too), making anything related to graphics (icons, etc.), drawing, playing the piano, taking a walk after the rain, riding bicycle after the rain.

Favorite color: White! ~~~

Favorite animal: Cats~

Mature or Immature?: Mature....? Most likely so.

Leader or Follower?: The Follower who's the Encourager.

Hyper or Calm?: Calm at most times, hyper at rare hyper times.

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Character and why?: Saber, because she's cool, and also she's quite cute, calm, stable, and she has some melancholic vibe sticking with her (I like those feel, weird, huh)

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Pairing (if any) and why?: Shirou x Saber. Why? They look cute together, though, Shirou's character isn't really much developed to me (no offense).

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Noble Phantasm: SABER'S COOL EXCALIBUR! ^o^

Anything else?: I hopes, I'll get stamped as a nice likable character, ahaha.

Pictures or say what you look like:
I wear spectacles, I have long layered hair (past my shoulders). Oh, and I have mid-fair skin, dark brown eyes and hair~
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